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Black patches on vertex colours

(Cderolin) #1

Hi, since the last update, some of my models (which are all loaded from Zbrush with vertex colour) have black patches over them. It seems to be effecting those with a higher vertex count (over around 500k) predominantly. I've tried changing various setting but nothing seems to work. Strangely, when viewed in the 3d edit mode they appear fine, but the patches re-appear once I exit and go back to the normal view. An example can be seen here:

I would prefer not to have to re-upload them, as some have been online for several months and are embedded in various websites. Thanks!

Phone viewing: black patches from texture map
(Lord00120) #2

I tried just downloading your model and uploading the zip file to sketchfab again, and the colours got correct again. And as long as you go to model settings and press reupload, the model will keep the same link, the same likes, views & comments, same sketchfab setup, and it should still work in all your embeds :slight_smile:

(Stephomi) #3

Issues with vertex colors will be fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

(Cderolin) #4

Thanks both, this is really useful and great to know. Fingers crossed it'll be solved soon and if not I'll try re-uploading them, great to know I can do that without loosing the links etc.


The fix is live.

(Cderolin) #6

Fantastic, thank you!

(Gavrilik) #7

Hello! I have the same question. Here:

Her eyes is black now (they were white). It's my old model and I don't want reload it and make light setup again. Can I fix it without reloading?

(Stephomi) #8

@gavrilik Arf another issue, will be fixed as well, sorry for that!