Black Screen in Viewer


(Derickpabalan) #1

Good day! I've been having problems with my model ( when viewing it on Chrome. It only shows a black background and my model in a black texture.

However, when I view it in Mozilla, it has no problems whatsoever.

Firefox Version: 45.0.1
Chrome Version: 49.0.2623.110 m

Thank you for the help!

(Paul Sketch) #2

Can you please post me a screenshot of this report on chrome ?

(Derickpabalan) #3

Thanks for the reply!
Here are the screenshots of reports:



(upon click the get webgl link in report, it tells me that I already have a WebGL)

Thanks for the response!


Thanks for the report, we're investigating!

(Clydhi) #5

Have the same issue for last month. still unsolved. Please, do your best =)