Black screen of thumbnail of 3D model in “Summary”

After I edit models, the screen of model in “summary” was black. I can view when I press in but I cannot see the thumbnail.

I’m not sure what caused this, but fixed it by clicking ‘save view’ in the 3D viewer. This triggers rendering of a new thumbnail:


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I know this function because I do use save view but after I save view, sometimes it causes black screen also. I will try again, may be something still processing? I don’t really know

Some of the models are OK now, but still have two model is black screen. I hope it will quickly be fixed. I would appreciate if Sketchfab can fix this issue. Almost every time after I edit 3D settings, it have black screen on thumbnail.

Are you doing “Save View” on iOS? It’s a known issue on their end:


Oh yes! Thanks, I will use computer next time for easier make thumbnail. I just use my iPad for convenience. Problem Fixed, thanks!