Black stains on my model after uploading here


(Theonrad) #1

Hi there! I've never met this problem before so... after i uploaded my model, there was a huge black stain in the front of it. No, i've no uploaded the textures when this happend... seems like its on the model, but in 3ds max i can't see anytihng on it... I've created my models with Blender and 3ds Max, but this is the first time i see this issue... please help me if anybody can!!

(Theonrad) #2

ohh i forgot to mention that i didn't applyen different material there, this should be grey as the other parts of the modell, and even in Substance Painter looks correct

(Stephomi) #3

Can you provide a model url or just uploading a draft? I can't see your model.

Maybe the black comes from vertex color but with the model I can pinpoint the real issue easily.

(Theonrad) #4

Okay, there is uploaded

(Stephomi) #5

This is indeed the vertex color.

You can disable the vertex color in sketchfab in the editor (Scene tab -> Vertex Color).

(Theonrad) #6

Thank you, it works :slight_smile: