Black Texture on upload


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Hi Sketchfab, I am encountering a few problem and would really appreciate your help.

since I’m not getting a response by submitting a support ticket, I figured I should post one here as well.

I’ve recently made a model and is ready for upload, however, as I upload it. Part of the model turned black(when they are originally pink, purple, etc) and I am unable to apply any texture on them.

It is fine on Maya and substance, in fact the only way I can upload this properly is via substance exporter. I’ve tried the fbx export, Maya exporter with no avail.

The things is, I want to add animation onto the model, so upload with substance is a no go.

I have attached a image of how it look like, please see to the attachment

What is causing this problem? Please let me know.

Another question I have is that recently one of my model (the black sun set) was staffpicked and receive quite a recognition, however I personally have always felt the model was not as good as it can be.

I personally would like to add a newer model alongside the original one to thank for those who like it. However I am wondering whether replacing the original file would take away the staffpick icon or the current view count.

As shallow as the concern might sound. I would really appreciate an answer and provide those who’s interested an extra and IMO better model, thank you.

Yen-Ting Chiang


Looks like you figured out that it was due to vertex colors.

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Yes sir, thank you for your swift reply.

If I may another question please.

I’ve been trying to upload my Maya fbx file to have it include multiple animations, but have been unsuccessful.

I read on the forum and the Q&A, and have tried the Game Exporter, and is still unable to export different animations.

I baked on animation on the model before export which has been useful in making a single demonstration animation, but when I have multiple animation. Regardless of the clips I added it will still only export the first animation. The clips seems to only determined the number of frames, rather than different animation. Should I be making them all on the same timeframe and animation are only meant to jump between timeframe(say I have 3 animation and 30 fps each, should I be making a total of 90fps animation and just swap between the 3?)

So is buying the plugin still the best way to go? Please let me know.

On the other note, My animation’s starting position is different from the thumbnail position which I prefer. However whenever I baked in the animation it will always change my original static pose. Is there a solution to that? Please let me know thx!

Yen-Ting Chiang


These are the only things I’ve seen about multi-take FBX files from Maya, but I’ve never tried them…

I’m not sure I understand the issue about starting position - can you share screenshots?

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Hey James, sorry to bother you.

You see, I love the starting position of my model, like the picture below,

But whenever I upload this model with the animation it shows the animation’s starting position instead of the cool pose I want.

This model took a lot of time and meant a lot to me and I would like to allow users to see the nice pose as well as the animation. Is there anything I can do?

I thought about having the thumbnail pose at the beginning of the animation, but that felt more like a patch work and I was just wondering if there’s a specific way that sketchfab allows.

hopefully it make sense, I’m sorry if it’s still confusing.

Please let me know, when you’re convenient of course, thanks.

Yen-Ting Chiang.


I believe the “Static Pose” on Sketchfab uses the “rest position” saved in the FBX. I’m sorry I’m not an expert on this. @waleguene and I have discussed it before, but it might depend on the specific software and the way it exports to FBX.

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Understood good sir,

It’s all good, I just wanted to make sure there’s not an official method available before I went in and try to come up with a makeshift one.

Last question, is there any way I can categorize the models in my page? Since the page now contain a variety of genre now. I would like to improve the user experience for the (admittedly) very few who visit my page. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you James I know I kept come to you with problem.

Edit: Other than the current categories perhaps? since people tend to click on “model” and/or “Summary” most of the time(I assume), just want to ask, sorry to bother.

Yen-Ting Chiang.


We hope to improve the way you can customize your profile page in the future!

For now, maybe you could use Collections?