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Black Textures on Model


(Pixeldough) #1

Ship1 by pixeldough on Sketchfab

Every model I upload, only one texture is loaded. Everything else is black! The black part is supposed to be metal, but it only renders the spot under the glass. I've tried different browsers, and even a restart of my computer! But no matter what I do, it does nothing!



(Dark Minaz) #2

can you show a screenshot of the material browser? what kind of materials are options there?

and/or the obj you uploaded?

Some of the materials something like mia material? if so they have issues with uploading

(Pixeldough) #3

I have no obj files, and the glass works fine. Aluminum is the problematic one.

(Lorenzoderijcke) #4

@pixeldough hi, maybe this will be a no-brainer question but I will ask it anyway.

in your 3D software have you checked your textures on a new material, I had this a couple of times that the material was showing correctly in the default renderer and HQ mode, but when I exported it my material seemed broken and showed only black. maybe you can try to attach the texture to a new material and re-export to sketchfab to see if that fixes things.

(Pixeldough) #5

Ive tried that multiple times, but nothing seems to work. Ive also tried making everything the Aluminum texture, but that results in the material not even showing up on Sketchfab.

(Dark Minaz) #6

can you show the settings in the aluminum?
Quite hard to see the problems otherwise, you might need to simply add the texture again, since the export/upload might have disconnected them.

(Pixeldough) #7

I have already tried reuploading the texture many times, but to no avail

(Pixeldough) #8

Its weird, because sometimes when I re-upload the model, different polygons have the texture. So its not like the texture isn't transferring I don't think, It's more like it only allows a certain number of polygons to be textured. I've attached the model file, because when I open that up, it has all the texture applied, I just don't understand the disconnect...

Ship1 Fix Color2.dae (50.9 KB)


Here's a great tutorial for SketchUp → Sketchfab. I hope it will help:

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