Black textures on my model (Frustrating)

(Lord00120) #1

I do not understand why my textures won't display properly!
They are either completely black, or really low pixelated

The textures are 8192x8192, but are really compressed jpegs (About 7 megabytes each) I have 4 textures, and they show up the first time i add them, but then they become black as soon as i save and reload

(Stephomi) #2

is it ?
The model displays fine for me. You still have the issue?

(Yaldroid) #3

the above linked model displays fine for me too~ smiley_cat

that's awesome!

(Lord00120) #4

Oh wait! Now it's fine for me too, restarted my computer, and that did it wink

(Lord00120) #5

I've been struggling with that for like 2 hours or so....

(Stephomi) #6

Maybe you can't support 8k and you just had to wait for sketchfab to generate lower resolution texture so that we only send you the 4k.

Just wondering, what is your max texture size supported?
-> "max texture size"


@lord00120 - most likely your GPU couldn't handle the textures. Usually when that happens, refreshing and reducing your VRAM load from other tabs/applications will do the trick.

Incredible model, but very heavy in terms of poly count and textures, so it's not surprising to have some performance hiccups.

(Lord00120) #8

Aaaah, now i see the problem! I was using firefox, and it still can't display properly there, but on chrome and IE it works

(Lord00120) #9

Ahh, now I think I'll try some larger png's then

(Lord00120) #10

Can you guys still see it? Uploaded some larger textures, replaced two 7 megabytes jpegs with 25 megabytes pngs, just wanted to know if it's still remotely vievable? I can still see it (on chrome)

(Stephomi) #11

Yup the textures are huge :D.

Can you go to and tell us the "max texture size" (especially on firefox!) ?

fyi, we are currently working on being a bit smarter on texture management.
So me might add an "HD"/"LD" button to give more control to the user.

The only thing that we do for now is to clamp the textures size to 512 on mobile. (so oddly, for now, your model might be faster on mobile :D)


my computer is not happy about this model lol.

load time increased with the larger file size (as expected), but performance after loading was about the same.

(Shaderbytes) #13

multiple 25 mb png files? I would close the model without ever looking at it since it would take way too long to load for the time I wanna spend to look at a few models when visiting the site.

(Lord00120) #14

My dillemma is: What else is there to do with such a huge model? I could put back the 6 and 7 megabytes jpegs, but there is a noticeable difference!

Or am i just being picky?


I see at least one ~78 MB PNG, which is pretty gigantic...but it's a very complicated image and hard to compress efficiently...

(Lord00120) #16

But that one isn't in use, I don't think, its just because I tried different compression methods.
What do you guys think, is it worth it to keep the large pngs, og should I change to lower quality but much much faster load time?


Maybe you could upload two versions and indicate High Res and Low Res?

Might be the best option until we have a native HD button or LOD features.