Blank frame at start of animation

Ive got a strange blank frame at the start of my anim . Doesnt show when i view in maya.

Would anybody know what I may be doing wrong?


It looks like your chain mesh disappears on first key frame. Double check if you didn’t move it on the key frame or try deleting it and making a new one.

yeah - it looks fine in Maya though. Ive even tried reexorting with just the chain - but it still happens (the chain disappears on the first frame. Very odd.

iv made it downloadable if you’d like to look - thanks!

ive posted the chain alone here to simplify things a bit - downloadable as well…

aha! - figured it out. There was a ‘mash out filter’ node set to false. Sketchbab didn’t like it it .Mystery solved :slight_smile:


actually - I think it was to do with the visibility channel doing something weird rather than the mash one.