Blend file test with animated group instance


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Hi guys,
I wanted to know if group instances from a blend file are compatible with animation, so that my group instance models (animated thru armature) stored in a different scene will be played in my main scene when I send it sketchfab.

I found out that it works: group instance in my main scene remain animated in sketchfab. But you need at least to have an object in your main scene which ist not a group instance.

If you have only group instances in your main scene, it will not work.

You'll get an error message on sketchfab viewer: "The file is invalid (Error 13). Please check the file or use an exporter to ensure compatibility".

You can try for yourself by watching and downloading my test blend file.


Looks like we (incorrectly) assume if a scene only includes a group, it is empty, and therefore invalid.

We'll try to find a fix to handle this situation.

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:+1: cool