Blender 2.80 support issues - please post here!

Issues that i could spot and how to solve:

Exporting to fbx gives usually better results with that. After a look on your model you also seem to have too many vertex groups affecting the model. I deleted every vertex group except for the “DEF- groups/ Bone.001…005” and it worked fine. Those are the ones we need afterall. However they do need a little manual fixing, so you should check on that part(jawline for instance). Perhaps sketchfab got confused with this many many vertex groups or something? don’t know… :thinking:

  • Kneejoint rotation: I experienced something similiar with one of my models, and I’m not sure why, but perhaps there are issues with how sketchfab handles bone-constraints? I got that fixed by simply baking the animation. Search with f3, select bake action. Framestep should be between 5-10( otherwise way to many keyframes). Enabling all checkmarks will ensure animation will play and get exported correctly. Or maybe increase distance of the poletarget bone.

EDIT: Why do you have 3 Armature modifiers on your mesh?

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Wow, I thank you guys very much for really detail advice. I’m just a newbie in 3D, so this is very helpful for me.
I really appreciate your devotion. I’ll try your advice and find the way to improve my model.
Thank you very much.

Hi, I’m way new at uploading to sketchfab, (and trying to enter it into the circus challenge) and having some real trouble exporting, uploading a blend file (with or without the blender plug in) gives me the error 20, which from what I can tell, “they” already know about, and are trying to fix…

if I export to FBX its at a horrible angle etc

So I exported to glb, where it kept the correct orientation, it messed up the images, and didn’t allow me much control in the sketchfab interface… (made shadeless to keep a semblance of the UV layout)

help by tangent.boi on Sketchfab

I would be delighted for any advice
But think the biggest specifically blender 2.8 question is, I’ve been fight with, and losing to the “bake” functions and NLA editor, totally failing to get ALL the animations (armature movement, eyestalk blinking, box opening and descending, movment of “the food”, shapekeys of the bite of the food) all as one animation instead of a bunch of little ones…

Many, many thanx in advance…

Hello @tangent.boi , and sorry for the late reply.

I’ve been able to test your model, and the error 20 when uploading a .blend file is a little bug in our processing pipeline, which you can easily workaround:

The mesh called “collapse.manfoot.002” in your .blend scene had some unresolved keyframes (called “OR.Skullinflate”, “NW.Skullinflate”…) managed by a driver, which resulted in a bug on our end of the processing.


Simply deleting the drivers (right click on the value field -> delete driver) linked to those shapekeys before uploading the .blend file seemed to solve the issue and allowed me to process your model, resulting in what I think is the animation you are going to on Sketchfab:

Hope this will allow you to get the model uploaded :slight_smile:


PS: sorry I just noticed that you had uploaded models probably taking this into account after a comeback from our Support team.

I don’t see major differences between the animation and your latest model.
If something still seems to be wrong, could you detail what’s not working as expected ?

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The track to constraint and locked track constraint do not work if saved in 2.83, but the same file from 2.69 works

Track To (168.1 KB)