Blender 2.9 Can't hide/unhide objects (375.7 KB)

In Edit mode, for some reasons I cannot see vertices but only a mesh. When I hit ‘Alt+H’ to unhide the object, everything returns to normal. However, I still cannot see or select vertices in Weight Paint mode. What causes this problem?

No idea what happened there, very strange behaviour and no obvious wrong settings. After Alt+H in Editmode I had to deselct everything and then make sure everything is selected again before directly switching to weight paint mode, then I could paint as usual. :thinking:

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Hi saphires, Thank you very much for your response. After I selected all vertices again in Edit mode and switched to Weight Paint mode, I managed to see and select only a mesh (not vertices yet) in Weight Paint mode.

After reporting this issue to, one of Blender developers replied me. According to him, this is a bug of version 2.90. This was already fixed in 2.91.

Solution is to go to Sculpt mode and hit Alt+H. It worked for me!

Thanks again for your prompt response, saphires. :slightly_smiling_face:

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