Blender 3.0 files are not supported

Am I the only one who can’t upload models in .blend format? For me the waiting ring keeps turning forever.

I just tested a .blend file upload and it worked as expected. Could you try again please?

I just did, but got the same result as yesterday…

Interesting. Would you mind sending the file to

It happens with every file .blend file :confused:
Of course i can send you an example

It seems the use of the Weighted Normal modified causes problems; when I removed it the file processed very quickly. I’ll share your file with the 3D team so they can investigate.

It appears you saved your file with Blender 3.0 alpha, which we don’t support yet. If you open it in Blender 2.93 and save, it will process as expected. Blender 3.0 won’t be supported until it’s officially released.


Ah, ok, thank you very much :slight_smile: