Blender animated parts moved locations

My basic animated model works fine in Blender but when i upload to Sketchfab the models parts are in different locations. Just spent days trying to figure it out and given up. I’m guessing this must be common issue for a newbie like me so hopefully an easy fix.

Hi i have been in the situation spending days trying to resolve one thing without any progress, i can sympathies with you.
Although I am not sure I can help, if you have not got help soon via the forum have you considered using the support channels on the site itself?

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Hi, did you try to apply the transformation to your object? select it, ctrl+A → apply Location. You can also apply rotation & scale transform if they are problematic.
Sometimes if you scale/move/rotate an object in Blender without applying the transformation when you import it into sektchfab its location might be reinitialized. I hope this helps