Blender animation and texture upload issue


(Nipah) #1

EDIT: So I removed the shirt from all bone assignments, deleted it, and placed a detached duplicate over where it used to be, one of which apparently solved the problem. However I still have the repeating texture problem, anyone got any ideas?
(on the hood you can see the face repeating and on the head you can see the blush repeating)

So when the animation plays on Sketchfab the shirt gets screwed up. It's fine in both rest and pose mode in Blender and fine in Sketchfab static mode but when the animation plays in Sketchfab is where it happens. Any idea of what the problem is or how to fix it?

Also, the texture repeats on the Sketchfab upload instead of being a a single 'clip' like I assigned it in Blender, what's up with that?

EDIT: I had a mesh deform modifier. which I heard Sketchfab had trouble with, but when I removed it the shirt got worse so that didn't help.