Blender Animation Slightly Offset

(Ricswika) #1

I posted an animated solution to one of my 3d printed puzzles. It is very simple using only translation of the 6 pieces done in Blender. However, the pieces are offset so it doesn't go together correctly. I rendered an AVI of the same animation in Blender and it is correct, but not in the FBX export as displayed here. What could be the issue?

Star 6 Puzzle Solution Animation by ricswika on Sketchfab

How it looks when rendered in Blender:

(Ricswika) #2

Also, colors appear correct when viewed in Chrome, but not when viewed in Edge. Those pieces just don't have color, very weird.


When I import the FBX file back into Blender, I see the same offset issues, so I think there's a problem with Blender's export.

My first suspicion is a problem with scale, is the model very big, or very small, in the scene? Huge or overly precise vertex coordinates can have unexpected results.

Not sure about the color. I see the same thing in Chrome and Edge (no color - all gray) . What is it supposed to look like?

(Ricswika) #4

I got it all working by using blender 2.76 and making sure I could view the FBX file in blender after exporting. I had to play around with the settings on the export and make sure all my transformations were applied first. The only thing I couldn’t figure out is how to get multiple animations to show up. I have several scenes in the blender file with the actions all baked. I was expecting to see each scene as a selection, but on only see the scene I’m on when I export.

The colors only show up in Edge when you pick shadeless, but work fine in Chrome. I’m happy with the results.


Glad you got it (mostly) working.

I'm not sure about the multiple animations thing. Maybe some of these users can help: