Blender animation's Shape Keys not uploading into Sketchfab

Hello, I’ve been trying to upload a character from blender with added shape keys in its animation. In blender the shape keys work, but not on sketchfab. When I upload the model, all the bone animation works except for the shape keys (which is the mouth of the character) and it has drivers from the character’s armature bone.

I’ve been trying to find the solution online, but some post are more 5 years old and their solution didn’t solved my problem.

Has anyone successfully uploaded a blender animation with shape keys into Sketchfab?

Thank you

Haunted Forge ( is a scene where I used shape keys (for the large bellows). The scene however doesn’t have any bones nor drives. Can you just animate and keyframe the values of the shape keys without them being driven by your armature? This would hopefully fix the issue.


The shape keys actually works with what you suggested, but the armature animation and the shape keys aren’t animating together.