Blender archimesh windows and doors not displaying

(John Belding) #1

I have a house model using archimesh rooms,windows, etc. When I render in blender the window is transparent as it should be. In sketchfab the window displays as a box and no matter what texture/opacity, etc I try I can’t see through the window. It appears that sketchfab is displaying the hole cutter for the windows. If I hide the window group, hole, window before I import to sketchfab I can see the hole, but can’t put a glass material over the hole. It involves a lot of extra work to hide the window and the result isn’t very good.


(John Belding) #2

I found that if I hide the cutter object, I can use a glass texture on the windows and it looks good. Still a pain to have to hide the objects.


Can you share a link to a model with this problem?

(John Belding) #5

The one with just a straight array is

The one that works with less trees and a single loop around the property is

The one that has two curves around the property (I just uploaded it again since I deleted it a few days ago) is

Thanks for your help.

John B.


Thanks! It’s probably because we don’t support the Cycles renderer directly, so the material settings don’t all come through because there is no 1:1 translation to our renderer.

You can just turn on Opacity for the Glass material in 3D Settings though.