Blender Boolean Modifier displaying improperly


(Nurui Gumi) #1

So the wheels have a boolean modifier on them and in the dropdown menu it says difference, and it looks correct in blender. but when i upload to sketchfab, the appearance it takes in is what it would look like if i had selected "intersect" instead of difference. So I ended up just changing it to intersect. It looks wrong in blender but it looks good in sketchfab. Just curious if anyone knows why. Is there something I may have done that is causing the two to operate inconsistently?

(Lord00120) #2

Do you apply the boolean modifier before uploading? because the exporter tries to apply all modifiers, but its almost always best to do it manually

(Nurui Gumi) #3

I'm not sure what you mean by that. I apply the boolean modifier in blender, so yes I save it before i upload it to sketchfab. It's just that for some reason I have to swap intersect and difference in order to get it to look right on sketchfab. I wonder if there is a bug in the coding that would be crossing those two.