Blender environment sphere test

(Ben Kreunen) #1

Hi All

Finally got around to shooting a panorama specifically for including as a background to a scan. Being a complete noob with both Blender and 3DS Max I opted for a sphere as the background, but would probably switch to a cube in the longer term (unless uploading HDR environment maps becomes available)

(Stephomi) #2

Uploading HDR will be available someday.

(Ben Kreunen) #3

I've checked through the various threads on that topic... Will just wait patiently. Won't hurt me to learn a bit of Blender or 3DS in the meantime. :wink:

There may be some demand for non HDR backgrounds as well (with similar controls for offset and blurring) ... although with lower resolution requirements than viewing panoramas on their own it's not that hard to shoot usable HDR. This one's only 4x2k (jpg version of hdr) while I normally produce 7x3.5k panoramas with this lens/camera combo. Could probably drop it to 2x1k if it's going to be blurred. Handheld, 4 shots x 5 exposures.