Blender 'Fadeaway/Reveal' Animation Help

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone knows whether it’s possible to upload what is essentially procedural blender animations rather than a solid ‘arm-movement’ or tracking?

Essentially, I have an archaeological pit split into 4 models representing phases of excavation. I managed to create reveal animations showing the transition in blender as a rudimentary dissolve, but I’d love it if it could be interactive on Sketchfab. I have no idea how to do this however, appreciate any help or suggestions!

See here for the animation I made so far, i’d also appreciate any tips for a cleaner result:


Hi @Capptis -

You have a couple of options:

  1. Load all the models into a single blender project, setting their scale to 0 (or near 0), then you can scale up the individual model you want to have visible over a couple of frames.

  2. You can use Sketchfab support for time frame (stop motion) animation

Does this sound useful?