Blender image as plane not showing up

So I tried to make simple tree model with images as plane option in Blender 2.8, but they dont show up in Sketchfab and they come out as non-textured. Here is the link:

Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

If I understood you correctly, I think you just need to assign the texture to the material in Sketchfab. It’s because of some unknown reason, it did not attach automaticity for you.

More help here:

I actually have added the texture for this, the tent and the tree body did work. But for the leaves, I used the import images as planes in Blender 2.8. Here is the texture file:

and here is how it looks in Blender:

As you can see it wont show up correctly in Sketchfab.

Hmm… well, I can see from the Model Inspector, there are no UVs or texture on the leaves. Its almost like it did not assign it or the UV’s are messed up somehow.
Can you share the scene file so I could try uploading it and having a look what’s happening?

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Sure, here it is:

As I told you before. You didn’t add texture to the material. From the file, I can see you have two materials. “Material” and “Material_0”
You can find it on the top left corner


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Oh right. Sorry I am pretty new to this! And since you have been kind enough so far, do you know how can I make the leaves transparent like the way it shows up in Blender?

Yeah, you need a masking texture in opacity. its just basically a cut out there your leaves end in black and white.
Something like this:

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@aiat You can actually do it with your existing texture: