Blender render optimization


(Ngockevin2207) #1

Hey, I wonder, is cycles render more optimized than Blender render.

(Shaderbytes) #2

These two render engines are vastly different in their capabilities, one is much more powerful than the other so your question of optimization comparison doesnt make sense in this regard.

what were you thinking about specifically when asking your question? you cant compare render times as they dont render things in the same fashion, cycles takes longer because it does many more things in a more advanced fashion.

you cant compare apples and oranges , they are both fruit but they are different fruits. Same logic for cycles and blender internal render.


If you’re planning to upload to Sketchfab, I recommend not using Cycles as it does not translate into our PBR materials very well.

In Blender 2.8 the new default (I think) will be their own PBR renderer. We hope it will play nicely with ours, especially after we make improvements to our exporter plugin.

(Ngockevin2207) #4

Thanks, I will avoid using Cycles, and try Blender Render