Blender - Shape Keys Smoothing Issue


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I have an issue (which may be unique to me) but wondering if anyone can offer a solution.

I have a number of objects from a supplier I need to animate. I get them in STEP format and export them as .objs for Blender.

On import to Blender, I apply an Edge Split Modifier at 30 degrees then smooth and it doesn't look too bad in Sketchup.

The problem arises when I animate the mesh using shape keys. When this comes in to Sketchup smoothness is applied automatically which messes up the normals of the mesh.

Example is here:

The non-animated object next to it shows how it should look.

What have I tried?

  • Re-applying the Edge Split modifier. Problem is you can't do this to an object with Shape Keys on it.
  • Animated the Mesh with AnimAll. Problem is Sketchfab ignores this. I managed to export this as an .mdd file then re-import but it turns the object into shape keys again.

An obvious solution would be to re-model the part and apply bevels/constraints etc. to stop the mesh from smoothing but I have lots to do and wanted to avoid re-modelling.

Any thoughts.

(Keithg) #2

It's definitely the imported mesh that causes the issues. I just did a quick test by remodelling the part in Blender and adding some small bevels near the edges to constrain. Shape keys work fine:

Unless someone has a brilliant idea, I've got a lot of re-modelling to do :frowning:

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Hey Keith,

seems like you also posted this question here; let's not double post things :slight_smile:

I'm closing this thread.

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