Blender to Sketchfab plugin excluding sharpness data


(Taumich) #1

I tried uploading an asset from blender via the sketchfab uploader pluggin, to my surprise i saw how the edge-sharpness data was lost every time when doing so as can be seen in this image.

The model looks entirely smoothed out on all edges, the workaround is to export the model from blender to FBX and then upload to sketchfab although that causes animation issues in my specific case.

In blender you can see the blue edges that should get exported.

And if exporting as FBX and then uploading I get the expected result on the edge sharpness as seen here. <can’t post two links>

A fix for this lack of sharpness in the export to sketchfab plugin is much needed, especially due to how an increasing amount of addons use this sharpness feature.

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @taumich,

In order to understand what’s going on, could you upload the model and share the Sketchfab url?
We will be able to get more info and find what happened with the normals.



The Blender section of this article might also help:

(Taumich) #4

Yes that page mentions the issue also and gives another workaround solution which is much easier to follow than what i used, thanks! It was specifically edge creasing (shift+E) that i couldn’t export, but now i know i can use edge split modifier to solve that problem.