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(Tyson Gersh) #1

I have a model that looks great in Blender, but am unable to upload into SketchFab without losing the texture data and many parts of the mesh.

Here’s a screenshot of the model in Blender.

Here’s a screenshot of what is created in SketchFab


I’m getting this error message:

The model was created from Google Earth data and was originally made from 108 objects, each of which had its own texture/material. You can see the layout here:

I joined all the objects into one and all the materials/textures fell under the master object.

So even if I figure out a way to merge the materials/texture to address the error I’m getting, how do I deal with meshes disappearing?

Is there a faster, more direct way to go about this?

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @TysonGersh

When I check the model, there are no textures embedded in the file, so you might need to pack them in the .blend file or upload them in the 3D editor.

For the disappearing meshes issues, it seems to be a vertex compression issue, due to the model being translated very far from the origin of the scene, see:

The resulting bounding box of the model is huge, and as compression is based on it, vertices are welded together.
You can easily fix this by replacing these values by 0, which will recenter the model.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

(Tyson Gersh) #3

I did try packing them already. The uploaded model was what was produced from it. I don’t think I’d be able to match them properly in the 3d editor. Is there something I might be missing?

I think you’re using a different version of Blender than me - I can’t seem to find the transform box w median, vertices, and edge data at all. My transform has completely different settings:

Am I looking in the wrong place? That said, seems like the reseting the origin fixed the missing mesh problem when I tried re-uploading:

(Tyson Gersh) #4

Strange - the model was working (w/o textures) earlier, but not it just shows this when I click the link:

(Tyson Gersh) #5

Hey @waleguene still trying to figure this whole thing out. Any suggestions?


Unknown error is typically a timeout from the model being too complex. Can you share that URL?

(Tyson Gersh) #7

(updating cause what I sent before didn’t work) This is the link I was given:


For what it’s worth the model did work at one point in the SketchFab viewer. When I originally posted the link (in the previous comment) it was working fine. I wish I had taken a screenshot of it


Hmm thanks. I’m not sure what happened here. I’ll need @waleguene to take a look :confused:

(Tyson Gersh) #9

Great, thank you. I’d really appreciate it! I’m very motivated to figure out a way to get this to work! :star_struck: