Blender upload issues

(Whitecold) #1

Part of my models shift around when I upload it through the blender uploader. The transforms seem to shift around for some reason, exploding my model. The two turrets in question are blender groups, but so are other parts of the craft. What could cause this to happen?

Celith by Whitecold on Sketchfab

Artifact duplicates are created in some group instance situations

Hmm. Can you try applying all your modifications? I think the easiest way to do that is convert everything to mesh.

(Whitecold) #3

There are no modifiers on the exploded turrets. The Turret model is a group, which is then added to the ship using "Add Group Instance."


Sorry, I barely know Blender. When I open your original model, I don't see the turrets. Could you point me in the right direction?

(Whitecold) #5

The turrets themselves are named Fa.Celith and Fa.Celith.001 and are parented to the main body Corvette.Celith


Hmm ok, maybe one of our blender experts can help. @juang3d @shaderbytes any idea?

(Juang3d) #7

Hi! I would have to check the .blend file, but maybe the problem is the pivot point or a mirror modifier. If not, it's very strange that the turrets change their location in the scene.
If you cannot fix that problem, send me the file and I'll take a look.
Stay cool.

(Whitecold) #8

On the parts of the turret there nothing but subsurface/edgesplit modifiers remaining, and the pivot points are all either aligned along z for the base and x for the barrel, however the displacement is along y.

Edit: It seems to be an universal problem with Group instances, on this carrier here the small ships which are group instances get ripped apart.

Pyldur by Whitecold on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #9

Not so much a blender issue but more an exporter issue , I guess one of the guys at sketchfab who works on the exporter needs to respond to this. I can only imagine how complex it can be writing exporters for every different modeling application and expecting them to understand all the inner workings of each application. I commend them for what it does already and if there are any short comings then just work around that for now.. ie , when you are ready to do an export make a duplicate of your blend file and convert all instances to individual objects and remove all grouping. Then upload from that duplicate. This leaves your original authoring file intact and solves the exporting problems for now at least.


Thanks guys.


(Whitecold) #11

I "fixed" the problem now as shaderbytes suggested, it really seems to be some group instance/uploader incompatibility.


Got it, we're digging!