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Blender uploader always uplaoding entire file although only parts are selected?

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Hey Guys

I keep noticing this because I have being working on one file for a while and do quick tests on sketchfab along the way..

The problem is that even if I only have something very simple selected , the file size of the upload is always the entire files size as if everything is selected.

The outcome on sketchfab is correct and only the object selected is present but It would be nice if it didnt have to send the entire file everytime or is this unavoidable??

chat soon



I can confirm that the Blender plugin always displays uploading the full file size, but I'm not sure it's actually sending everything.

I uploaded the default cube, and then I uploaded the default cube copied many times. The uploaded file size (both on our backend and simply enabling download on the models) are different sizes as expected.

I guess to be completely sure we would need to watch network activity on the computer that's uploading.

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ok thanks James , I will monitor the network bandwidth when I do the next few uploads and let you know. The current Job I just started requires animation so I wont be using the exporter again right away but I will keep it in mind to check when I do


Sounds good. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.