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Bloom-like post filter for emitter mats?


(Pauljs75) #1

I'm finding I'm using bloom for lighting effects, but it also picks up reflections and highlights on non-emitting materials. What I'd like is something that works similar, but specific to materials that are setup to emit. (Basically ignores light reflections.) Also I'd like something stronger in intensity than the existing bloom filter. However I don't think this should replace the existing bloom as it's use would be different. Is it even possible to add this?

Or is there some other work-around or method to get a better looking brightly glowing or glary light sources which are part of the mesh? (Headlights, tail lights, navigation markers, brightly glowing buttons or dials.) If it helps any in regards to specifics, I'm using Blender to model with.

(Stephomi) #2

Maybe using a tonemap operator (reinhard or filmic) and settings strong emission.. but it probably won't help much.

We don't have per object glow postprocess.
It's currently not on our roadmap either (though we don't exclude anything).


I've created a feature request report and added your '+1'.

Can't promise anything, but we are good listeners :smile: