Boatmurdered [Final]


(Huntsmouse) #1

I know it's late but I would still like to join as I have a free weekend and intend to work on this project day and night! I intend to create a mystery scene with a man on a boat. I'll post updates as soon as I have something more than a basic layout of the scene!

(Bart) #2

Welcome on board! I've just added one month of free Sketchfab PRO to your account. You will now be able to upload larger models, use more annotations and more - here's more information.

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(Huntsmouse) #3

Phew! Update time! Everything is based out nicely. Now it's time for details. I'll try to make it more high-res and add some cool lights in blender if the time lets me :slight_smile:

(Huntsmouse) #4

Update: Almost done! Playing with the lighting in sketchfab and wondering where to place the annotations I prepared.

(Huntsmouse) #5

Update: The model is finally on Sketchfab! I had lots of fun with all the settings :slight_smile: I only need to add annotations now! I will update this model instead of posting new one so keep on checking for updates :wink:

[Link removed as it ended up being the same as the final entry which can be seen in the post below]

(Huntsmouse) #6


I hope that you will enjoy it! I had lots of fun while making it and while postprocessing it in sketchfab!

Hopefully I managed to catch the more lighthearted mystery style like those found in Scooby-Doo cartoons :slight_smile:

Island of Boatmurdered is a peaceful paradise during sunny days and a dangerous beauty during stormy weather. It is full of talented people who come there to pursue their artistic nature. Artists from all over the world migrate here because the local government completely funds their work. In return the artists promise that their work will never leave the island, making it into the perfect tourist attraction. Many collectors from around the world visit this place, dreaming of owning at least one of the displayed items.

However, this paradise has a problem. It is haunted by the Ghostly Fisherman! It's a ghost of a fisherman who left home during a storm and never returned. The rumor says the poor man hit an old naval mine - a leftover from a mine field set up during the war. There he is! But what is he doing? And why?

The ghostly fisherman is in fact a local jeweler named Carl Stark. He bypasses the export ban by dropping his work into the ocean. The exact spot is marked on a message in a bottle left near the buoy by his accomplice. His accomplice fishes it out the next day, pretending to be a regular fisherman.

After one of such drop offs the net was cut by sharp edges of the box in which the jewel was stored. That's why Carl decided to drop off his jewelry without any packaging. This meant that someone could possibly notice the crime. To avoid being spotted Carl decided on doing this only during a stormy weather. Unfortunately he was still spotted by a local fisherman who wasn't afraid of the storm. He had to make him disappear.

To prevent such situations from ever happening again he shaved fisherman's distinctive orange beard and dressed up as his ghost. In this disguise he spread rumors about the naval mines to any passing sailors. Soon the local townsfolk completely avoided this dreaded place.

(Teddy Bear) #7

That ocean water is amazing! Good luck in the contest!

(Huntsmouse) #8

@Teddy_Bear Thank you! The water was indeed the hardest part to model with blocks :slight_smile: