Bone animation visibility


(Nachosanchez) #1

Hi all!
is posible to simulate visibility on/off in a bone rigged object?

I have successfully imported into Sketchfab an animation with visibility keying on a transform based animation (animate only with transforms, not bones),

but when the geometry is rigged, the visibility on/off doesnt work, i tryed to keying visibility in both geometry and bones, but nothing.

is there a way to do this?
i`ve been reading similar topics like this, but no answer


(Nachosanchez) #2

ok, i manage to do the effect by scaling to zero the BONE , not the geometry / not the visibility parameter.
thanks guys!


Cool glad you found a solution!

Indeed we don’t use visibility as far as I know, scaling to zero is the only way to hide an object (@waleguene might have more details)

(Nachosanchez) #4

yes james,
waleguene was right, scale to zero the bone that rigs the geometry is the way to go,
(and although in the native software, maya in my case, the geo may still visible, later on export and sketchfab in completely off)