Bone orientation gets twisted on upload


I’m currently facing an odd issue when importing my fbx.
The bones twist in various ways when I upload it to Sketchfab. Everything looks normal if I open the fbx in Maya.
Here is a before (Maya) and after (Sketchfab comparison):

You can also download the fbx file here:

I would be really happy if anyone knows why this is happening.

Hmm I don’t really know. Maybe @waleguene can help? The result seems correct in FBX Review.

Hey, I have a feeling it could be something to do with export settings or you need to reset transformation on the object.
I am not sure 100%, but maybe this will help. Also make a backup copy of your scene, because it will probably mess everything up.

Thank you warkarma for the suggestion.

In the end it ended up being a problem with having bones within a group. After taking the bones out of the group, the export worked without a hitch. :slight_smile: