Bone Weights Restrictions in Sketchfab

Hi there,

I have a problem with a skinned mesh imported in Sketchfab (see image Sketchfab), there is a distortion on the mesh. In 3ds Max mesh looks normal (see image 3dsMax Full Weight Range). I reproduced the distortion effect in 3ds Max by deleting all the weights lower than 0.01 (see image 3ds Max with the problem).

The question is: does Sketchfab remove all the weights lower than 0.01? Are there any restrictions with bone’s weights range?


Hi there,

We currently support a maximum of 4 bone influences per vertex, and beyond that, the bones with the lowest weights are discarded. Could that be the issue - do you have more than 4 bones influencing those vertices?

Hi James,

i know about the 4 bones restriction, but there is a maximum of 3 bones where the distortion appears.

Here is the file. It would be great if you can test it. Thanks. (375.8 KB)