Book of the Guardian [COMPLETED]


(Enalya) #1

Hey everyone,

I've been lurking around on Sketchfab for a long time, but this is my first forum post. I really love this contest idea and the Warcraft style, so I decided to join in :slight_smile:

The spirit of former Guardian Medivh is once again in the hands of the Burning Legion. Now the fel has found its way into the Book of the Guardian, corrupting it. It tries to seep into the magic portals to capital cities Stormwind (Alliance) and Orgrimmar (Horde)...

The low poly blockout of the book should be a good base for the high poly:

Comments and feedback are very welcome!

(Michael Calvert) #2

This looks great.

(Bart) #3

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Enalya) #4

Thanks guys! I've been working on the high poly of the book on today's stream: Enalya Twitch. You can follow the process at my channel, if you like :slight_smile:

Some screenshots of the progress:

I am aware of the deadline, don't have much time, but will try my best to make it in an elegant way!


Congrats on your first forum post! And this is a really unique idea, I love it.

(Enalya) #6

Progress on the high poly:

And you can watch back the stream of today here:

The next step will be retopo-ing the book, baking some maps and texturing :slight_smile:

(Enalya) #7

Update on the 3D spellbook, getting close :slight_smile: You can watch back the stream of tonight over here:

(Enalya) #8

Hey everyone!

Here is my final entry :smiley: I really enjoyed working on this! #wowlegion-final #wow