BOUNCE ZOOM | Smooth, or remove?


(SA3D) #1

Hi !

Is there a way to smooth, or remove the bounce zoom ?
In in\out zoom, with the limit orbit camera !

It jumps\lags a little on Chrome ..
\\\ Exemple on this model !

And no news, for no start sound,
With anim playback speed ?

Best regards.
Thx !



We have a fix coming soon that I think should improve the zoom bounce ( @nehon ? )

(SA3D) #3

Okay, thx !

It seems related to the size of the scene,
Can we change it somewhere ??
No success with shortcut !

(Rémy Bouquet) #4

The jump/lag issue has been fixed and should be live soon.
I also reduced the bounce effect because it was indeed a bit too much. There is no way to edit this behaviour in the editor.

(SA3D) #5

Okay, seems the size of the scene ..
Can we reset pivot caméra ??

Best regards.
Thx !


The change is live today. Hopefully it's an improvement for you!

You can reset the camera pivot by double-clicking the background.

(SA3D) #7

Yess !!! Much smoother !! Great job !
No, pivot for limit orbit camera ?!?

& Near clipping & Field of view,
Seems to work much better !
Very good for big scene !

Thx for everything !
Have a nice day !