Bowser with the piano Mariobros film

This is a Bowser playing the piano high poly 3D model. That will enhance detail to any of your rendering projects. The model was originally modeled,texturized in Autodesk Maya 2022 and rendered with Arnold. It contains the piano with a little chair with materials, and a bowser on a base. Based on the film of Mariobros. Such a part of a film scene of Bowser playing the piano to peach. It very cute model. The model has automatic UVs.

This model can be used for any type of work as: low poly or high poly project, videogame, render, video, animation, film…This is perfect to use like a part of a musical scene,such a decoration for a postcard image with other instruments, or with another forniture. Also, you can recreate the scene of the Marios film. You can print the model too such a 3d print model. This contains a .fbx, .and textures.

I hope you like it, if you have any doubt or any question about it contact me without any problem! if you like it I will aprecciate if you could give your personal review! Thanks