Branding in background: How to make it look nice in every resolution?


(Gpia) #1


I would like to brand our models by putting a logo into the background. Example. It looks nice in fullscreen (background size is 1920x1080), but a bit blurred otherwise, even worse if embedded as 640x360 iFrame. If embedded in 4:3 Format like 640x480, the logos are cropped.
Both issues (blurr and crop) seem to be avoidable as this looks fine in every resolution.

Would be great if you could give me a hint how to have a nice logo in every resolution.

For ease of use an 'insert logo' feature in 3D Settings would be awesome!

(Mauricesvay) #2

Hi @gpia,

Background images are always displayed at their natural aspect ratio, they are never stretched. We recommend to always embed in a format that matches the ratio of the background. Otherwise, the background will be cropped.

Can you provide more details on when blurring occurs? Having more info on hardware configuration and corresponding screenshots could help us reproduce the issue.

At the moment, there is no way to anchor an image or logo to the viewport, but it has been request in the past a few times. I'll add +1 to this feature request in our request tracker.