Bravely confronting - Song of the Sea


(Tam Lik) #1

I don't think I truly realize what I'm putting myself into; I have never published on Sketchfab before, never finished a scene like this and have actually used Maya, ZBrush and Blender for the first time something like one month ago.
So, I have a lot to learn, but, is there a greater way to start than in a challenge, where I could (hopefully) might get some actual feedback and where I would be forced to finish.

Always been a huge fan of Tomm Moore, I can only hope to reach the feeling he was going for in this scene.

Good luck to everyone!


Never seen this, but looks lovely! Have fun!


Also added a month of Pro!

(Rmorais) #4

Hahha hell yeah, thats the beauty of these comps, I'll be following, Good luck =]

(Tam Lik) #5

Thank you! I love your idea, can't wait to see it progress too :wink:

(Mhazani) #6

I'm in the exact same position - that's a tall order. Best of luck to you!

(Tam Lik) #7

Then I'm even more convinced that we can do it !

(Tam Lik) #8

Since I'm new to designing this kind of environment I'm gona stumble a bit, go back and forth, but I will try to minimize the amount of work..
As normal, I researched the scene and designed my approach.
I made a plan sketch and sketched (analysed) the characters (First only The Great Seanachai)
After I understood how this animation looks in 3D I started modeling all assets on the scene.

(Tam Lik) #9

I wanted to include this scene, I do hope someone saw this amazing animation :smiley:

(Tam Lik) #10

A horrible quality picture of my sketches:

(Bart) #11

Oh, I SO hope you'll succeed. I'm a big fan of his work, especially Brandan and the Secret of Kells. Good luck!

(Tam Lik) #12

Since I will probably have unlit model (I made a test at the Sketchfab environment) and I will focus on textures I tried to keep it really lowpoly.
The Great Seanachai:

(Tam Lik) #13

I analyzed the textures in the animation, made a few and tried one on a simple rock.

Right now I'm still thinking about how I will model the whole room..

(Tam Lik) #14

Thank you !! I agree, I really hope he will make more, he is a huge inspiration of mine.

(Swevenzre) #15

Oh wow, this is a stunning scene! Really beautiful! And the rock texture looks pretty sweet, looking forward to seeing more

(Tam Lik) #16

Ok, I have almost finished with the Great Seanachai! I'm not sure about the hands, I might change the edge by welding both sides together.. But I might have to add more loops on the fingers to keep them thick.

But now I'm gonna model hair details and then the whole cave. I'm thinking, since all stones are pretty similar, if I should unwrap a few before and even import a texture on them, copy them all around and after that change the image and their shape a bit. Ok, I'm just thinking out loud. I will probably do that.

(Tam Lik) #17

Thank you! I :smiley:

(Tam Lik) #18

Ok, so this took some time for me to find out. I was trying to make my model unlit, but I learned that all different textures and brightness changes to the stones to still display light made my model really heavy. I still think I need all different marks and colors for them, so the file will be really large, but at least I decided to use the light. But now I have to remodel a bit these hair strings, they look to flat with the light and I will need more polygons. But slowly moving on!

(Tam Lik) #19

Another WIP!
As I already knew before, I had to do many steps twice or more, just because I learnt something new on the way..
I'm not very skilled, but I fell the scene size is now pretty small and fast, so I definitely should add some smoothing on some details. And, there are way too many stars, I have to delete some.

I read post processing filters are not an option for VR, but, since some thin bloom would work beautifully in this scene, an emissive material is?

If you see any problems, please point them out!

(Tam Lik) #20

I finally made one whole stone atlas texture that I have then positioned randomly on different spots on stones. I have done the same with hair, so I have just one texture for all different strings.