Brazil´s first 3D Scanning and Printing Service

(Samihazan) #1

Tinta Facil C.I.Miniaturas 3D LTDA. provides pro 3D printing services with 2 Z650 full collor printers inhouse and people scanning services. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
We can provide 2 types of scanning:

  1. Full Body Scanning(or dorso only), using ipad Air2 with sensor and itseez3d software
  2. Face Scanning from Digiteyezer system(bobbleshop figurines) with pre-modelled figurines

Contact information

References/former clients: Miniature3d and HTC Modelismo LTDA.

Service description

Specialisation: people 3D scanning and full Collor printing
3D scanning Equipment/software: Digiteyezer Face scanner(EZ Twin), Bobbleshop software, Ipad Air2/ sensor, Itseez3d software
3D printing Equipment: ZCorp Z650 Full Collor printing(2 units inhouse)
Location: Alameda Barão de Limeira, 748 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Max / min scannable sizes: 20 cm > 200 cm people height
Textures: yes < 8K
Deliverable file formats: OBJ, STL, WRL...
Additional services: Endomarketing 3D scanning and printing
Costs: on request(about USD 2.00 / cm³)

Daniela by Sami Hazan on Sketchfab

Mr. Didier on one of our created "figurine" by Sami Hazan on Sketchfab

Ms. Janette on one of our "executive figurine" by Sami Hazan on Sketchfab