[BREAKDOWN] Lvl 99 Hell Maiden

Hello, my name is Omari McCord, and I go by the name "Takai" on ZBrush Central. I have a sketchbook HERE but I decided that if I want to write a full report for personal projects that you can read, Ill give it its own topic so you can read cleanly from the top down.

I did this personal portfolio project over the month to try to push my skills and I forced myself to write a FULL breakdown tutorial mini-book. I wanted to do this on prior projects before but I would not cross the line, for some reason. Now the line is behind me and I love writing these things.

Now, this is an advanced tutorial breakdown, so I do not cover basic software use. I mainly cover methodologies of thought, my workflow processes, inspirations, and little quirks and fun stuff I picked up along the way.

I am finishing school and I am looking for 3D modeling/texture work. I would love to work with you and your team. Stop by my website and contact me if you like.

Hope you enjoy my model and breakdown! I really really hope it gives you inspiration and/or a map during your next project! Read it, give me some feedback for future breakdowns. It was a blast to make.


Added a "Final Thoughts" page to the breakdown. I wanted to see the reflection of this character in their world.

Here I also wanted to say that feedback is VERY HELPFUL!
When I finished the evil version of the model I got some very helpful feedback from a great 3D artist. It was literally a problem with the skin I could not see until it was presented. ALWAYS be open to constructive feedback, its great and helpful.

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really interesting tutorial, bookmarked it once i get more comfortable in zbrush :wink:
i like your model for the most part, i think it got a nice dynamic to it in the legs but the arms kinda feel in a odd stance.
also the face looks a bit odd / eybrows could be a bit weaker / a bit clearer facial expression (more into psyco rather than akward smile)

Both got some really cool armors, i like the darker one a bit more, since i personally associate those colors more with hell maiden :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah there is still more to learn, I have alot more to learn about sculpting faces and pose dynamics. I will work to make the next project an improvement with your feedback.