Broken geometry on EVERY model in sketchfab when i open to view them


(Rearsky) #1

No matter what model i click on by whomever every time i open a model to look at on the site all i get is broken geometry and long bandlike structure all over the place, it is not normal and nobody else seems to be seeing them. Every model on the site looks like this from my perspective

(Nomadking) #2

This is typically a sign of a graphics card problem. Do you experience the issue in games or other applications that use any 3D rendering? Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers and your browser?

(Rearsky) #3

Not typically I don’t, I have a gtx 1060 and I use it for dozens of games, usually no noticible graphical issues but I will try and see if i can update my drivers or reset settings for things and see how that goes


Do you see the same thing in different browsers? Can you please send me a screenshot of this report?

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(Rearsky) #6

Actually yes, yes i do get a different result, i just went to IE and opened up some models on the site and they look fine, on chrome the geometry is displayed as shown above instead.


Sounds like it might be a bug in Chrome related to your graphics card.

@stephomi @paul_sketch this sounds like the Chrome issue we discussed the other day.

(Stephomi) #8

Can you try with force_triangles=1? (