Broken Lit Mode

(Epifire) #1

Something odd started happening around two weeks back and that is my online preview seems to be broken most the time. Doesn't really matter what model I'm trying to look at since it seems to be random when the render decides to stop working. Sometimes the Lit mode just comes up black, other times it will just fill in different stages of the material while leaving the rest out.

MatCap always seems to work no matter what, but even my own power module just looks like this all the time.

source model

From what I can gather it has something to do with my browsers, as I tried loading these on a fresh install of Firefox and it still did the same thing. The other thing is that I can have one thing rendering fine (by chance) and the minuet I refresh the page it breaks. Strange part is I can load these just fine from an embedded link in Discord or even a separate web page embed. Weird huh?


That's very strange. Are there any errors in the JavaScript Console or Network requests during page load?

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Hey there, thanks for the reply!

I wish I had thought of looking at the console but yeah there are some errors by the looks of it.

That's just in console but I'm not really sure what it means.


Hmm, I'm not sure...

So, you only see that on the model page? Not the same model embedded on other pages? How's the 3D editor page?

(Epifire) #5

Yep, embedded seems to work anywhere. Also the editor does work I've found, though it's a little hit and miss as to whether my textures upload or not.

Something else a little weird about broken page elements is that even when I'm logged in the like button is permanently grayed out (as if I'm not logged in). And any of the sharing options and buttons in the same column are unresponsive.

My other question is if there's any kind of updates or software to look at in specific that could be causing this from being out of date. This just came out of the blue so it really seems like some update broke the functionality somewhere.



We're having some issues with Cloudfront, and we're investigating. It looks like this might be related.