Browse Sketch Fab in unity standalone app?

(Stavros99) #1

Is it possible to browse sketch fab in standalone app? I downloaded the “sketchfab for unity” thing from the asset store but all the plugins it uses seem to be editor only. I am interested in using it on Windows & Android.


At the moment, our plugin is only made for the editor. It should be possible to use it or something similar at runtime / in a Unity app, but I don’t think we have anything ready to go, @waleguene?

(Stavros99) #3

Okay, thanks. I’ll see what I can do.

(Waleguene) #4

Hi @stavros99,

The plugin currently uses some of the features provided by UnityEditor, but there are only a few. In order to make it embeddable inside a build (Windows, Android), the code needs to be updated to remove the UnityEditor dependency (and the preprocessor directives #if UNITY_EDITOR/#else/#endif).

We already discussed about this but didn’t started to work on it yet.