Brutal Brine #3December Entries

(Brian C Allen) #1

Well, Ive never done one of these before but I figured it’d be fun! Lets go!

Im keeping a list up here too
Day 1 (12/3) - “Winter Coat”:
Day 2 (12/4) - “Wood Stove”:
Day 3 (12/5) - “North Pole”:
Day 4 (12/6) - “Fruitcake”:
Day 5 (12/7) - “Flu”:
Day 6 (12/8) - “Reindeer”:

(Brian C Allen) #2

Day 1!

Ah ha! We got a preview!

(Laurer1990) #3

whicht trick did it?

neat little rabbit :slight_smile: like it a lot

(Brian C Allen) #4

Taking the full URL worked wonders! Not sure why none of the other sharing options showed a preview, but it’s up!
Thank you a lot for actually responding to my help topic by the way!

(Laurer1990) #5

Mhhhh ok … strange

But at least everything is fine now :slight_smile:
Even my tip couldn’t help :see_no_evil:
You’re welcome

(Brian C Allen) #7

Day 2! So far so good!

(Laurer1990) #8

Thats me after ordering spicy food at an indian restaurant :smiley:
great stove :star_struck:

(Omabuarts) #9

Love both of them. More please!

(Brian C Allen) #10

Alright! Day 3

(Brian C Allen) #11

Hey hey, day 4!

(Brian C Allen) #12

Day 5! Kind of a downer though.

(Brian C Allen) #13

Day 6! We got reindeer!

(Brian C Allen) #14

Day 7! It’s an Igloo, I think!

(Brian C Allen) #15

A late day 8. Don’t tell nobody!

(Ever Shroud) #16

Wow, that looks wicked awesome! I love how much movement it feels like it has! And the colours really pop! Wonderful feeling!

(Brian C Allen) #17

Thanks! I was inspired by Bart who was using the Oculus Quill to make models. I don’t have the Oculus, so I had to get crafty with it.

(Laurer1990) #19

I‘m tripping balls right now (=
Thats a heck of a neon earmuff

(Brian C Allen) #20

Day 9. Jingling gangling bells!

(Brian C Allen) #21

Day 10! Have yourself a pimecone! This is totally how you eat them, right?

(Brian C Allen) #22

Day 11. I baked a gingerbread man. He doesn’t like it when you mess with his gumdrop buttons.