Brutal Brine #3December Entries

(Brian C Allen) #23

Day 12! It’s ice fishing! Except, where did you go?

(Brian C Allen) #24

Day 13. Foxes cannot think with portals apparently.

(Brian C Allen) #25

Day 14. Only this time, we’ll catch him!

(Brian C Allen) #26

Day 15, an ugly sweater from grandma. The tag on it says ‘Knit with Love - Grandma’. Thaaaanks…

(Brian C Allen) #27

Day 16! It’s a bunch of presents for you and whoever! Nobody is spying on you, no. Don’t be silly…

(Brian C Allen) #28

Day 17! We got a snowflake that may or my not be special. Don’t judge them.

(Brian C Allen) #29

Day 18! Some candy mints! Save me the green ones.

(Brian C Allen) #30

Day 19! Had to dig up my old sled for this one. Just as fast as I remember.

(Brian C Allen) #31

Day 20! It’s an owl that lives in the snow.

(Brian C Allen) #32

Day 21! The final day! We got ourselves a winter door!
I tried to fully hand paint the thing, but ran out of time because holiday shenanigans, but I still like how it came out!