BSOD 2x tonight in Maya

(Gary Phelps) #1

I have crashed with a Blue Screen Of Death with Maya 2015 tonight. So, fed up with Maya in general, I downloaded and installed Maya 2016. It BSODed again in Maya 2016.

Anyone else have issue like this with Maya. I haven't had it do this for a long time and not 2 times today.


Hi Gary,

Is this related to the Maya Exporter plug-in? Or just Maya in general?

(Gary Phelps) #3

Maya in general. After I posted this, worked in maya for many hours with no problems at all. I like Maya 2016 much better than 2015!


Glad to hear it!

I'm not familiar enough with Maya or current Windows systems to troubleshoot I'm afraid. If it happens again, I'm sure there are error logs from Maya somewhere.

(Philip3d) #5

I tried Maya 2016 recently, and it crashed many times for me while working with the Hypershade material editor. I've since switched back to 3ds Max 2015, which is my main program for modeling and rigging anyway.