Bug Android 8.0.0

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Hello !

I’ve got a bug on Android, a scene is displayed strangely :slight_smile:
Smartphone : Honor 9 - Android 8.0.0

Everything is ok on the iPad

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


Do you see the same result when viewing the model in your Android mobile browser instead of the app?

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I have the exact same issue. Samsung S8, android 8.0.0 firefox browser. It seems only the ssao is being shown. Looking at the model inspector I see the textures (base color, metalness etc). Matcap doesn’t show anything, wireframe and vertex normals do show up. Viewing the model with no post processing shows only the background color. With post processing only displays the ssao


We haven’t reproduced on our end. Can you guys share the WebGL Report from these devices / browsers?


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Here you go @james,
WebGL Report.zip (263.5 KB)