Bug: Model is broken (not loading anymore) after opening it for a few times

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I just experienced a bug in Sketchfab. One week ago I uploaded a model in Sketchfab and it was working fine.
Since then I opened it a few times and suddenly it stopped loading (it hangs at 49%)

I first thought that it is only my machine, but since it crashed I cannot open it at other machines as well (it also hangs after 49%). So apparently something is wrong on the server side?

The model can be found here:

Scanned Chinese Lion Figurine by 3Digify on Sketchfab



There's a javascript bug. We're looking into it right now.

(3Digify) #3

Thx for the fast response.
I would also be interested in how this could happen or how I'll be able to avoid this in the future.
Because depending on the specific situations it could be very uncomfortable if I want to show a model to someone important and it is not working at all wink


It's fixed. Very sorry about that!

Our last few updates were huge, and a few bugs slipped through the cracks. We'll try not to let it happen again smile