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[BUG] SketchFab create 2 different projects from upload

(Vlad) #1

Some time ago when i upload *.7z archive and rename project from auto generated name SketchFab create 2 versions of this project. One with original auto name and second with new defined name. <- this one proper <- this one can be deleted.

And this projects treat as different. So i can delete not needed one without problem.
Not deleting this for your investigation.


(Tribble42) #2


I checked from our end and it looks like you did two separate uploads.



(Vlad) #3

I uploading only one 7z archive.
and this happen in 90% of latest uploads. Only one mesh in zip archive, yesterday uploaded as one copy. All other twice. I marked them when deleting as "Bug".
May be uploading script try to upload one model twice?
If you can check time of upload, this models simultaneously uploaded.


What script are you using to upload?

(Vlad) #5

Direct upload from web site.


Hmm, that's really suspicious. Do you experience the same thing on different browsers?

(Vlad) #7

I have one idea. Looks like it can be bug with Drag&Drop script. I push Upload button and drop file to new popup "window".
But if i upload without pressing Upload button (just dropping archive to SketchFab window) duplicate project is not created.

But i need check, and other browsers too.


I could not reproduce this :confused: