BUG White material in 3D view

(Herask) #1

Hi all. I've got a weird problem. When I add a decal texture to emission slot my whole material goes white in viewer (but not in edit mode). If I turn off emission, everything is fine. I've tried searching for an answer but no luck.

Here's the model in question: https://sketchfab.com/models/7671beec6df7420486d9e7b884888e30
Sometimes it shows OK but 9/10 times the buttons are white and where the logo should be on the back is a blue square.

Any info appreciated. THX!

(Herask) #2

got it. there was a problem with how the material was setup in Blender. it didn't behave well in Sketchfab. although, everything looked OK in 3D settings view, and sometimes in model viewer.

anyway, it seems to be resolved. sorry for false alarm... :-))

(Bart) #3

Ah, glad to hear it smile