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Bug with text fonts in Cinema 4D R17

(Tbrazilc4d) #1

Hello friends, first thank you for letting me be a beta-tester.
Lets go to what matters. I'm doing some tests with Cinema 4D R17 and found a problem with text. See this example:
But the same test together with the Cinema 4D R16 presents no problem.
This is more a notification than a help request.
Thanks for all! And we continue the work.

(Bart) #2

Thanks for the report! Did you use our Cinema4D exporter, or did you upload directly to the site?

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @tbrazilc4d,

Thanks for the report. From my point of view, it seems to be a tesselation problem (the C is a single big polygon). Can you try to use tesselation at export or within Cinema4D to check if it fixes the issue?

Maybe there were some changes bewteen the two version about managing nGons smile

(Tbrazilc4d) #4

I did upload directly through the site, with FBX file.

(Tbrazilc4d) #5

Thank you. I will test it. But it's the same with all the letters in any text in any font type,

(Sabrinoor) #6

did you solved it? I have the same problem.


Can you try to triangulate the mesh?